CZ17O: Triple Oxygen Isotopes in Soil Carbonates

New perspectives on soil carbonate formation

Goldschmidt 2020 - Virtual Presentation

Fingerprinting Soil Water Evaporation with Triple Oxygen Isotopes of Pedogenic Carbonates

Sediment Fingerprinting

River restoration in central Oregon

Greenhouse climates of the Cenozoic

How hot was it really?


Maintaining sanity


Sometimes it takes a whole month just to troubleshoot the mass spectrometer. Due to a long string of hypothesized problems and …

Naomi Levin and I had an excellent trip out to Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed (RCEW), which is a watershed with a long history …

On a gray, rainy, and cold day in October, Tyler Huth and I went on what I thought would be a wild goose chase for secondary soil …


The potential for carbonate clumped isotope thermometry to independently constrain both the formation temperature of carbonate minerals …

Soil carbonates are important paleoclimate archives, but interpretations of their isotopic compositions (ẟ18O, ẟ13C, and ∆47) are …

Records of subtropical climate on land from the early Paleogene offer insights into how the Earth system responds to greenhouse climate …

Isotope Goechemistry Primers

Triple Oxygen Isotopes

What are all those primes for anyway?

Carbonate Clumped isotopes

What is clumped isotope thermometry and is it real?

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