triple oxygen isotopes

Triple oxygen isotope distribution in modern mammal teeth and potential geologic applications

Reconstructing water availability in terrestrial ecosystems is key to understanding past climate and landscapes, but there are few proxies for aridity that are available for use at terrestrial sites across the Cenozoic. The isotopic composition of …

Looking upstream with clumped and triple oxygen isotopes of estuarine oyster shells in the early Eocene of California, USA

The δ18O of carbonate minerals that formed at Earth's surface is widely used to investigate paleoclimates and paleo-elevations. However, a multitude of hydrologic processes can affect δ18O values, including mixing, evaporation, distillation of parent …

Goldschmidt 2020 - Virtual Presentation

Fingerprinting Soil Water Evaporation with Triple Oxygen Isotopes of Pedogenic Carbonates

Triple Oxygen Isotopes

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