A Graduate Student Perspective: Graduation Speech

Speaking at UW Earth & Space Science Graduation

UW Earth and Space Sciences graduation really started off right - with a fire alarm! The alarm went off just when the chair, Ken Creager, was trying to get the ceremony started. Everyone evacuated, waited for the fire department to ascertain that there was not actually a fire, then we re-started the ceremony. Goofing around with Mike Turzewski (fellow grad) and Kate Huntington (my advisor). Also, I was honored to give the graduation speech.

Nicole Sarieddine presents at Undergrad Research Symposium

Nicole culminated her 2 years of undergraduate research with a presentation at the UW Undergraduate Research Symposium. She worked on a slough of projects relating to the climate reconstructions using the clumped isotope composition of soil carbonates. At this symposium, she presented results on using remotely-sensed soil moisture data to predict when soil carbonates form in North America. The jury is still out on whether or not remotely sensed soil moisture data is actually useful for this application.