Started NSF-EAR postdoc in Ann Arbor, MI

I arrived in MI and joined Sierra Petersen’s SCIPP (Stable and Clumped Isotopes for Paleoclimate & Paleoceanography) group. With two postdocs, 5 graduate students, and 3 undergrads, the lab feels like an active and exciting place.

To start, I’ll be working on Sierra’s new Nu instrument. The Nu allows for smaller sample sizes for clumped isotope analyses. Hopefully this will allow me to micro-sample shell and resolve seasonal variations in temperature. Also I’ll be working with IsoPaleoLab (Levin/Passey lab) to measure triple oxygen isotopes in carbonates with the goal of quantifying aridity in greenhouse climates.

Portrait of the SCIPPers in Sierra's backyard

Portrait of the SCIPPers in Sierra’s backyard

Also, former labmate Mike T took me to the Big House to see my first college football game. The UM school spirit is truly exceptional.

I think Michigan won?

I think Michigan won?